Abrasive Blasting

Dynacoat can handle and blast any ferrous metal from large scale heavy machinery to long structural steel beams, fan casings or tanks. Blasting is carried out via steel grit media even to a specific standard profile if required. 

Blast only and customer oriented requirements including, bearing seal, thread and machined surface protection is also available.

Protective Coating

Dynacoat is qualified to undertake the application of a complete range of  coating systems from basic protective range of coating systems to sophisticated long term two or three component systems subject to many environments. Our coating systems range from alkyds, zinc-rich, epoxy, high builds urethanes, polyurethanes and water-borne.

Testing & Inspection

In addition, we carry out a range of testing and inspection reporting using wet and dry film thickness, a pull-off gauge reporting to test paint adhesion, spark testing for porosity and pinholes, as well as an atmosphere testing of climate conditions prior to application.


Our abrasive blasting facility is a fully enclosed filtered booth of dimensions 4.2m (W) x 3.7m (H) x 19.0m (L). It provides the best safety for personnel blasting and is eco-friendly.

Facilitating handling and movement with the covered 1600sqm workshop are two 5 tonne overhead cranes, mobile crane and forklift.

In-house blast chamber uses steel shot to blast and clean all structural steel, beams, girders, tanks, vessels, platforms, heat exchanges all mine , crusher plants and mixing components.

Qualified Technicians

All our blasters and industrial painters are qualified technicians who perform quality work for our clientele.

Dynacoat can also assist with on-site work with our mobile crew of qualified blasting and industrial painting technicians.

Dynacoat has adopted the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP) run by the Australian Paint Approval Scheme APAS.

All technicians are trained in confined space, encapsulation in or out of vessels, tanks and light structural buildings.

  • Fully Qualified N.A.C.E. Inspectors
  • Health Safety Environment QMS
  • Fully Qualified Tradesmen
  • Qualified Supervisors
  • Qualified Project Managers